Introduction: How to Save a Water Damaged Verizon EnV Phone.

I would like to open with a simple greeting, I am not a technician for a phone company, I actually never took one apart until now. There is nothing that can be put together, that cant be taken apart. This said, nothing is impossible to take apart, just take your time. This guide is how to take apart an EnV Phone if it is water damaged. When I say water damaged I mean DAMAGED! My phone was run through a washing machine and every screen and the camera had water in them. I did this method and it worked, mentioned it to a friend at school, he did it and couldn't believe it. Unfortunately many carriers including Verizon won't return a water damaged phone, or the old case of not having insurance. This guide will help you in your process of saving your phone for cheaper than a new $400 unit. This also applies to other phones, you just need to apply the simple basics of taking phones apart.

A few WARNINGS, make sure your phone isn't covered under warranty, I repeat make sure your phone isn't covered under warranty, this will ultimately Void your warranty. Secondly, the parts on this phone are really ticklish, they don't need much force to break. Screws are coated with blue loc-tite, so they round off, little ribbon cables break EASILY. So if at all you can just take your time and do it right you won't have a headache, or misplaced part. Or worst case a phone with a screw that has to be drilled out, this is bad news bears.

What you need:

1. Jewlers Screwdrivers ( + for the tiny screws holding together the chassis and other parts; - for wedging into joints and popping out screw covers.
2. Alcohol Preferably 91% (Alcohol will evaporate water off of the circuit boards, and will also clean them)
3. Q-Tips (Cotton preferably)
4. Paper towel
5. Blow Dryer.
6. Magnet Tray (bowl or coffee mug works too)
7. Pin or spudger tool.

If you are using the Alcohol, please use it on a swab, you don't want to put too much on the circuits.

I am not responsible for you phone BTW.

Step 1: Take Off Plastic Plugs.

Remove battery.
Remove all the plastic plugs from the back of the unit. This is done by putting a pin under the lip and then pushing a flathead jewlers screwdriver into it and wedge it out, they should come out pretty easily.
Proceed to carefully remove the screws.

Step 2: Remove Bottom Case...

Work the flathead or pin under the edge of the top and bottom shell, and work carefully until plastic pops up. Slowly and carefully work the edge of the screwdriver under until all the snaps pop and you now have two cases. * This works better if the phone is closed. Clean all visible water and the board with alcohol, REMEMBER, don't apply alcohol directly to board. Blowdry if this is needed.
Reassemble the same way you took it apart. Make sure everything snaps into place.

Step 3: Remove Front Notches and Plugs.

Open the phone to the big LCD screen and keyboard. On all 4 corners of the screen there is a plastic plug type thing concealing a screw.

Step 4: Close Phone, Remove Case From Other Side.

This ones a bit more tricky, but it is easy, be careful when you pry on the plastic. Pry the screwdriver under the edge and start to work all the way around again.

Step 5: You End Up Here.

Be careful of the tiny ribbon cable. If this is where yo you are at, you are doing good. Clean all these parts and blowdry.

Step 6: A Little Hairy Be Careful.

This next step is tough, be careful when you pry, if it wont give don't force it. Everything is held together with little black clips. Notice the picture, you push and pry on these to remove the guts. Careful with the speakers btw. These are high resolution 10.2 megapixel pictures, you can zoom in a bit to see what im showing you.

Step 7: Take This Out.

Once you work all of the pins you will be able to lift out the guts.

Step 8: Reassemble.

Put everything back in place and screw it all back together. If you did everything right it should work, but in the even that it didn't, try a new battery. More than half of the time the battery goes because of the moisture, and thats why it wont work, or acts weird. If I could improve on this, I will, its my first instructable. If you phone doesn't work don't ask me any questions about it, I really don't know I did this on a whim to save a few hundred bucks. Good luck, be safe with the delicates, and keep your screws in a magnet tray.