Introduction: How to Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung keeps improving the quality of its smartphone displays, as well as the screens on the Galaxy S6. A screenshot is always useful if you want to save the information or errors of the Android operating system displayed on the screen of this smartphone. And there are more ways to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6.

Step 1: Use Physical Buttons

Display what you like to screenshot, then press the Power button and the Home button at the same time. This key combination must be pressed and held simultaneously for about 2 seconds. The screenshot will be saved to the Gallery.

Step 2: Use the "swiping the Screen" Function

To take screenshot by using the "Palm Swipe to capture" function, you must enable it first in the settings. Go to:

App Menu > Settings > Motions and gestures > Palm swipe to capture.

Now, you can take a screenshot by swiping your hand over the entire display. The screenshot will also be saved to the Gallery.

Step 3: Use the Assistant Menu

You can also take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S6 with the Assistant menu. The Assistant menu will always float on the screen when it is activated. To activate the Assistant menu, you need to open:

Home Screen >App Menu > Settings > Accessibility > Dexterity and Interaction > Assistant menu

Enable this assistance tool. There will be a small gray square on the screen. Tap it and choose "screenshot". Then a screenshot of the current display is taken and saved to the Gallery.