Introduction: How to Secure a Date 2

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No duct tape, no zip ties, just a bottle. This is part 2 of my other 'ible: How to Secure a date []

Already following "How to Secure a date", the lady is probably your girlfriend by now or on the way*. Now the problem is keeping her your girlfriend, this is where this 'ible comes into play. If you are a particularly bad boyfriend, following these steps will buy you a few days, a week at most. If you are a good boyfriend, then your girlfriend will brag to her friends how "sweet" you are, which is a sort of investment if things don't work out with the current girlfriend.


Paper & Pen (if you have good handwriting) or Paper & Computer & Printer
Bottle, preferably with a cork

*Results may vary

Step 1: Write on Paper

Writing/printing on the paper before you stain it is easier since the paper is still smooth. There is an issue of the ink running but it should be fine if you let the ink try first. Think of what you want to write, it can be anything really. When I did this, I used this quote from Romeo and Juliet:

I am no pilot; yet, wert thou as far
As that vast shore wash'd with the farthest sea,
I would adventure for such merchandise.
Act II Scene II

Its a pretty good quote and it has to do with the ocean, "message in a bottle" theme. Anything is good really. Since the next step is to make the paper looked aged, I like the idea of making the font in calligraphy or some stylish cursive.

I used a printer because I can't write calligraphy. If you do want to write it, get the quote you like, put it in the font you like, put the paper over the screen, and copy.

Step 2: Stain the Paper

Staining the paper will give it the aged look.

Follow this 'ible:

A good tip is to crumple the paper in to a ball a half dozen times, this helps the paper stain darker and a more uneven color which looks good. Be careful when burning, this still burns fast. Light and blow out the paper, repeat.

Step 3: Adding the Finishing Touches

A wine bottle is best because of the cork, preferably clear, not green. Try to get most of the label off(soak in warm soapy water). Roll the paper up and put it in the bottle. An optional touch is to pour some sand into the bottle, this way it doesn't look as plain. Cork it.

Step 4: Give It to Her

Give it to her and run away. I never like to give girls stuff and wait to see their reaction. I don't really want to bias their decision or of course, see bad reactions(especially if she doesn't understand).

Step 5: Reap the Rewards

Rewards will vary, but a smile at the least makes it worth the trouble.