Introduction: How to Send Large Files From Computer to Computer

File sizes continue to increase in size as technology advances. If you are in a creative craft, such as design or modeling, or just a hobbyist, transferring large files can be a hassle. Most email services limit maximum attachment sizes to about 25MB. A lot of transfer services also have a 2GB limit. If you need to send a large file or a bunch of files to someone, you'll need to utilize alternative methods. We have outlined the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to transfer large files below:

Step 1: Download Binfer

Binfer is a high-speed file transfer software that is perfect for transferring large files. It differs from cloud-based file transfers because the download and upload of the files are coupled; files are transferred directly to the recipient and never uploaded to any intermediary 3rd party servers. By linking the upload and download steps, Binfer can provide much faster data transfer speeds than any cloud-based file transfer alternative.

Note: A similar outcome can be achieved if you set up a Torrent client but that requires many complicated steps such as creating a torrent, adding trackers, distributing the file, and ensuring that the receiving end has a torrent client of their own.

Step 2: Open the Program

Once Binfer is downloaded and installed, run the program by selecting the application on your desktop (Windows) or Applications (Mac).

Step 3: Create an Account

When the Binfer client is launched, you will see a login page. Select 'Create Account' and add your credentials. When your account is created, Login using your new Username and Password.

Step 4: Compose a Message

At the home screen, select the envelope icon at the top to open Messages.

Step 5: Draft Your Message and Add Files

Just as you would with an email, add a Recipient's Email, Subject, and a Description. Drag and Drop the folder or files of your choice into the body of the message. Review the options tab and press 'Send'!

Step 6: Keep Your Computer On, Do Not Close Binfer, and Don't Move the File.

If you move the file while others are downloading, the recipient will not be able to finish the download. This is because the file is being downloaded straight from its location on your hard drive. Read about High Speed File Transfer Software here!