Introduction: How to Serve Like Pete Sampras

With achievements such as fourteen majors, a record-breaking 5 US Open titles, 7 Wimby championships and the second greatest player of all-time. Pete Sampras is definitely one of the best atheletes on Earth. Also, with a great serve, wouldn't you love that great Pistol Packing Serve?

Step 1: 1. Grip

There are rumours that Sampras uses an eastern backhand grip for his serve (Which is not true).
Sampras uses a continental grip. Information on the grip below.

1. Continental grip

2. Index knuckle on the 1st bevel

3. Heel of hand at the top

Step 2: 2. Optional

Guys, this is optional. If you just want to HIT serves like Sampras then whatever but to develope a more scarier-looking, tough-looking, rule-the-court-looking serve, then follow these 2 steps. [Ivanisevic only had that weird routine before the serve to make it look scarier and that's a fact]

1. Bounce the ball 2-4 times

2. After bouning the ball, let the racquet face meet the ball like this

Step 3: 3. Toss

Pete Sampras releases the tennis ball at around head height. The ball's highest point is at around 3.50 meters (although, keep in mind that Pete Sampras is around 1.85m). Pistol Pete hits the ball at a height of 3.10 meters, about 1.25 meters above his normal standing head height.

Step 4: 4. Swing

Get the hang of the serve below this step (get the hang of his footwork, too).



You will need:
-3 free days
-Basket of balls
-Racquet (obviousley)


Day 1:
Now get your basket of balls, racquet and yourself and just practise Pete's serve (with the footwork) and getting it in.

Day 2:
Same as day one, but serve against a partner.

Day 3:
Find a player who is better player, especialy with a better return than you, and play against him (focusing on your serve, obviousley).

Step 5: 5. Gear

After 4 steps, you finally have your pistol serve...

So if you have some cash to waste, why not get the gear?

1. TournaGrip- Blue.
(to be honest I think the grip is horrible for sweaty hands and extremely recommend NOT purchasing it).

2. Babolat VS Touch Natural Gut + Wilson Stencil Ink
(I know what you are thinking, Babolat??? but yes, Pete has been using Babolat strings MANY times since the end of his career).

3. Wilson Pro Staff 88.
(Pete's stick of choice right now and to be honest it deserves to be... a great racquet to be honest, and PERFECT for serve and volleyers).