How to Set Up CNC Nomad 833

Introduction: How to Set Up CNC Nomad 833

So you have just received the right to use the CNC machine, and were told some senior left you an instructable on how to do so? Or you have wondered upon this out of your last hope. This should set you on the right track to setting up your beast of a milling machine. "Brevity is the Soul of Wit" - Shakespeare

Step 1: Unpack Everything

It might or might not be packed. But unpack it, if it is. Examine what you have unpacked (If you have unpacked anything) after all "an un-examined life is not worth living" - Plato

Step 2: Attach Your Wooden Spacer Board

It attaches to the Y-axis plane controls, and protects the bit and the machine from milling itself or breaking the bit. You will further on put whatever it is you want to mill to this wooden board using double sided tape provided to you in the box, or order some here:

Step 3: Attach the Collet Nut to the Cutter

It will come disassembled but you just push the two parts together. You should have drill bits by Nomad #101 and #102, pick one of these and attach them to the cutter using the images provided and the two wrenches also provided. If you have ever used a hand drill, the idea is the same when it comes to how far do you put in the drill bit. If you put in in too far you will limit your operating room, if not far enough it will snap.

Step 4: Get a Laptop

Or a computer that can run CAD software.

Step 5: Get MeshCAM and CarbideMotion

MeshCAM: Download MeshCAM and install. Open it up go to Help > Register > Enter your Registered Name and Code > Register!

CarbideMotion: Download, install. This one is free and does not require registering or licensing.

The above programs give you control of your milling machine and of rendering the drawings

Step 6: Finishing Touch

Connect all the wires to their appropriate connections, Turn on Nomad 833, run CarbideMotion and voila! you have yourself a connected machine to a laptop

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    3 years ago

    Congrats on setting up such an awesome machine! Do you have any Instructables projects in mind with your new tool?