Introduction: How to Set Up Chromecast Using IPhone?

This set of instruction guides you to set up and use your new chromecast using your iPhone.

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All the pictures are taken from the official google chromecast source

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You will need the following things to set up your chromecast:

  • A chromecast with the accessories that come along when you first purchase it (includes a power plug and an HDMI cable)
  • A device with an HDMI - Input i.e. Your High Definition Television (HDTV)
  • Access to a power outlet
  • Access to a secure wireless connection and connection to a fully functional Wi Fi router - (have the password to the wireless connection ready)
  • An iPhone with iOS 7.0 or later

Step 2: Connect the Chromecast to the HDTV and Make Initial Checks

Plug in your chromecast device to the power outlet. Then connect your chromecast using the HDMI cable to your HDTV. Change the input on your HDTV to match the HDMI port to which the chromecast is connected. You should see a set me up card by Chromecast on your screen. This can be done using the input source or Menu button. Cycle through the different HDMI inputs to get to the right one.

Also make sure that the router and the wireless connection is working correctly.

Step 3: Set Up the Chromecast App on Your IPhone

Download the chromecast app on your iPhone from the App Store (

Before launching the app, make sure your bluetooth is turned on. It is highly recommended to use bluetooth to set up chromecast. If you do not want to use bluetooth for any particular reason, move on to step 4 after this step.

Launch the app to read privacy and terms. Touch Accept below to move on.

Step 4: Configure Chromecast Using Bluetooth

If the bluetooth is turned on, after accepting the terms of the chromecast app, touch devices. You will be shown a list of chromecast devices. Choose the chromecast device that you want to set up. The chromecast device id can be found on the HDTV screen that was set up in step 2. After you choose the device, touch set - up. Then touch next.

After you touch next, the chromecast app will configure your device. After a few minutes, you will see a new screen on your HDTV. There will be a code displayed on your HDTV. Make sure that the code matches the code that will be shown in your app. If the code matches, touch "I see the code". If the code does not match, touch "I dont see the code" and you will be redirected to one of the previous steps.

Step 5: Configure Chromecast Without Bluetooth

If bluetooth is off, touch devices. Touch Add new Device

Choose the device you want to set up.

Go to your iPhone settings and select WiFi

Connect to the pseudo WiFi network created by your chromecast device. It's name will be of the kind - 'ChromecastXXXX'. Last 4 will most probably be digits.

Go back to the app and you will see your device listed. Then touch next.

Step 6: Finalize Your Chromecast Settings

After you touch "I see the code" in steps 3 or 4, you will be redirected to a new screen on the app.

Select your preferred region on the screen. Then touch next.

Then there is an option to set up a name for your chromecast device. Delete the default name and type in a new distinctive name. There is also an option to enable or disable guest mode.

After setting the name, Touch Set Name.

After that, select the wifi network you want to connect your chromecast device to and enter the password. You will need to have your other devices on the same wifi to cast to the chromecast. Touch Set up.

Now you are ready to use your chromecast.

Step 7: Start Using Your Chromecast

To use your chromecast, browse to any chromecast enabled app on your phone or tablet or laptop, and cast the video to your chromecast using the google cast button. To find instructions on how to use chromecast, visit

If the chromecast needs to update, it will update automatically and restart.

You can also browse your cast apps on the chromecast app.