Introduction: How to Set Up John Deere Auto-Steer

John Deere has made a system of technology that can be used to save fuel, save time, save wear on equipment, save money on input costs and provide efficiency to farms. This video will teach people how to install this technology in a tractor and make it run. Tractors will have to be equipped with the needed software and technology to make everything in this video work properly.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

In this video people will learn how to install a receiver, install the monitor, enter equipment into the system, start a task, set a guidance track, and use the track. The materials needed will be a John Deere satellite receiver, a Greenstar monitor, a Greenstar ready tractor, and an implement behind to use in the field.

Step 2: Installing the Receiver

Start by grabbing the satellite receiver. Climb on to the front of the tractor and set the receiver on the hood and be very careful not to drop it or let it fall because they aren’t cheap. On the bottom of the cab roof there will be a plug with tabs on each side that need to be squeezed in and then the plug will come out downward. Next grab the receiver and there should be a metal square on the top of the roof in the center of the front. Set the receiver in that square. Push the back of the receiver in first till it catches and then pull the front of the receiver down and it should latch into place. Now take the cord on the receiver and plug it into where the plug was removed. There is only one way it can go in so look which way it needs to be according to the tab on the cord.

Step 3: Installing the Controller

Next get down from the front of the tractor and get into the cab. If there is not a monitor stand in the tractor the operator must install one on the front right corner post. Now take the monitor and mount it on the stand. The stand should have two holes that two screws will go through to screw into the back of the monitor to hold it in place. There will be a circular plug on the right front corner post of the tractor. The cover will need to be unscrewed then the cord on the monitor will be able to plug in. Line it into the plug and by screwing it clockwise it will tighten and if the tractor has the key on or is running the screen should turn on.

Step 4: Running the Controller

Once the controller is loaded and ready to go it should have a warning page displayed. Touch the accept button in the top right corner and then there will be multiple different buttons and pages. Touch the bottom right button that shows multiple rectangles stacked on each other. Then select the equipment button and enter the dimensions it wants for both the tractor and the implement a partner and a tape measure will probably be needed unless there are already dimensions entered in from before.

When that is completed select the GS button and then the task button. Now type in which task is going to be done. Now the operator will be able to select the set track button and set a heading or chose which method works best for their position in the field or situation.

Everything should be all set up now so go ahead and lower or start the implement and hit the autotrac button and the 4th circle of the pie should turn green with an A and everything will be set to go.

Step 5: Purpose and Benefits

The John Deere guidance system is made for farmers and will save them money and increase the productivity of their farm big time. It can map a field to show which areas need help with fertilizer or how well they produce. It will make rows straight and easy to follow with sprayers and combines. It will help the farmer by steering for him so he can focus on making sure the implement is functioning properly and not have to worry about steering.