Introduction: How to Set Up and Use WeMos TTgo ESP32 Uno D1 R32

How to set up WeMos® TTgo ESP32 uno D1 R32

goes thru all the steps to get your WeMos® TTgo ESP32 uno D1 R32 up and running.

Step 1: Step 1 - Installing the Library- Part 1

the first step to getting your WeMos D1 R32 up and running, is to instal the libarys on to the arduino IDE. when you open up the IDE, click on the file hedding on the top of the screen. then click prefrences, near the bottom of the menu. you could also get there by pressing ctr+comma.

once you are on the prefrences menu, look for 'Additional boards manager URL:'. then paste this link in the space after it:

Step 2: Step 1 - Installing the Library- Part 2

next click: Tools → Boards → Manage Boards . this will bring up a menu, wait for it to load. then type 'ESP32 ' in to the search bar. click on the one which says 'esp32' . install that and you have your board.

Step 3: Selecting Your Board

to select your board follow these steps.

Tools → boards → scroll down to find ESP32 Dev Module → select the port

and you are good to go!

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