Introduction: How to Set Up a Photoshoot

We take a lot of photos a day, but how many? It is said that every year over 1 trillion photos are taken. Some of these will be planned, others will be random. There are a lot of steps taken to plan out a photoshoot such as location, camera settings and model set up.

Step 1: Client Meeting

The first step to a perfect photoshoot is preparing the photographer, client, and model. The photographer will ask the client a series of questions. Some of these questions may include what type of photo they are looking for and if there is anything specific, they are looking for. The parties will go to the first location that was discussed. When arriving the parties will decide which parts of the location are the best for photos.

Step 2: Preparing Set Up

Once the parties go to the location, the photographer will start setting up equipment. This equipment could include lights, stands, cameras and lenses. After the equipment is set up, the photographer will take some readings off of the model. A reading is when the photographer takes a photo to get the settings on the camera correct

Step 3: Preparing the Model

After the photographer has done the reading shots, they will then set up the models. This is when the models start to get posed and settled in. The photographer is going to work the sun in this step. The photographer is going to check hair, makeup, jewelry and clothing. The photographer is going to make sure the hair is lying flat and is not in the face. Jewelry is lying flat and the face is showing. For clothes, the photographer wants to make sure the zippers are all right, pockets are folded in, and ask if the client wants any watches and ponytails on the wrist showing. If the client would like props, this is the time to give the prop to the models. If the product has a face, and the face has a logo or design on it, talk to the client about the face and see if they want it to show.

Step 4: Preparing an Animal

If the photographer is working with animals, the process is a little different. If it is a dog or cat, the photographer is going to want to ask the client about their collar and tags. If they would like them on, the photographer makes sure the tags are facing the photographer. For any animal photography, make sure the photographer checks their eyes and nose to be clean. After making sure the animal is presentable, the photographer is going to figure out what noises and words get the animal’s attention, and also what scares the animal. This is also the time the photographer is going to learn how read the animal.

Step 5: Fixing Small Details

Finally, the photographer will start talking pictures and changing any little detail needed. These could be camera settings or something on the model. The photographer can change the poses of the model a couple of times. These steps will create a perfect photo shoot and make the client happy with their photographs.