Introduction: How to Set Up a Tip-Up

Hello, my name is Hunter Cole, I am an avid outdoorsman and have been ice fishing since I was two years old. Today I am here to teach you how to catch more fish. Today you will learn how to use and set up a tip-up, tie a fishing know, and how to hook a minnow. With these skills you will be able to go fishing with the confidence of knowing that your gear is set up properly.


Tip-Up with line, leader line, pliers, split-shots, and a hook.

Step 1: Tie Two Lines Together

For this step two lines, the main line and a leader line, will be tied together using improvised clinch knots.

Step 2: Cut Tag Lines

In this step tag lines will be removed from the leader and main line.

Step 3: Tie Hook to Leader Line

In this step the hook is tied to the leader line and the tag line is removed.

Step 4: Apply Splitshots to Line

In this step two splitshots are placed onto the tip-up line. One splitshot will go roughly 2-3 inches above the hook on the leader line, the other splitshot will go onto the main line.

Step 5: Hooking Baitfish

This is a demonstration on how to hook baitfish. There are two methods shown, hooking through the lip of the baitfish and hooking behind the dorsal fin of the baitfish.

Step 6: Demonstration of How Tip-up Works

Step 7: Conclusion