Introduction: How to Set Your Wallpaper to Change Over and Over!!

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This Instructable will show you how to set the wallpaper on your computer to change over and over

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Step 1: Open Control Panel

1. Open the Start Menu

2. Click on Control Panel to open it

  • Once you open the control panel, make sure that it is set to view by Category

Step 2: Change Desktop Background

1. Go to Appearance and Personalization

2. Go to Change desktop background

3. Click Select all

  • This will select every single desktop background
  • If you don't wish to use every single one, just simply uncheck the ones you do not want to use

4. Change the Picture position to Fill

5. Set Time

  • To set the time click on the drop down arrow under Change picture every:
  • Normally I set the time to 10 seconds, but you can choose whichever time you want

6. Check Shuffle

  • If you would like the pictures to shuffle, check shuffle
  • If you don't want the pictures to shuffle, make sure shuffle is not checked

7. Click Save changes

8. Close Control Panel