Introduction: How to Set the Samsung Galaxy S7 With Android 8.0 to Show Only the Screen for One App!!

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This Instructable will show you how to set your samsung galaxy s7 to show the screen for one app only

This is great if you have a baby/child who likes to play with your phone or want to make sure your phone stays in

one app only when someone else is using it.

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Step 1: Open Settings

1. Go to apps

2. Go to settings

Step 2: Turn on Pin Windows

1. Go to Lock screen and security

2. Scroll down to the bottom

3. Go to Other security settings

4. Scroll down to ADVANCED

5. Turn on Pin windows

  • To turn on pin windows, slide the grey bar to the right
  • Once you slide the bar to the right, pin windows will turn on and the bar will turn blue

Step 3: For Extra Security

If you want extra security, you can also set your phone so that nobody can exit the app unless they type in your password or pin or drawing your pattern, to do this ...

1. Select Pin windows

  • This will open another menu, from here you should see an option for Ask for Password/Pin/Pattern before unpinning

2. Turn on Ask for Password/Pin/Pattern before unpinning

  • To Turn on ask for password/pin/pattern before unpinning, slide the grey bar to the right
  • Once you slide the bar to the right, ask for password/pin/pattern before unpinning will turn on and the bar will turn blue

3. Close the Settings

Step 4: Pin App

1. Select the app you want to pin

2. Wait for the app to open

3. Press the recent apps button on your phone

4. Click on the Pin Icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app

  • Once you click on the pin icon, you should get a pop up, it says Turn on Pin windows - This keeps the app in view until you unpin it. To unpin an app, press and hold the Recents and Back keys at the same time

5. Click OK

  • Once you click ok, it should say app pinned

Step 5: How to Unpin App

1. Press & Hold the Recent Apps button & the Back button at the same time

  • The recent apps button is to the left of the home button
  • The Back button is to the right of the home button
  • Press & Hold the buttons until you it says App unpinned
  • If you set your phone to ask for a password/pin/pattern before unpinning, then you will be directed to the log in screen and will need to enter your password/pin/pattern
  • Once you unlock your phone it will go back into the app screen and you can now exit it