Introduction: How to Setup Defense Enterprise Email on Windows 10

DISCLAIMER: There are no potential dangers or hazards to perform these steps!

This guide can be used on a Department of Defense computer for all personnel that utilizes Defense Enterprise E-mail. Following these instructions typically result in the successful setup of E-Mail on your computer. Please note that internal computer errors may cause these steps not work and you should contact your local help desk for further troubleshooting.

Items Required:

*Access to a government computer domain that utilizes the Defense Enterprise E-Mail system

*Access to a Windows 10 PC connect to the government domain

*Common Access Card

Step 1: Access Control Panel

Right Click on the Start button and select Control Panel

Step 2: Change Control Panel View

Select the Category drop down menu in the top right and choose either Large Icons or Small Icons.

Step 3: Locate the Mail Icon

Locate the Mail (32-bit) Icon and select it

Step 4: Quick Video on Additional Ways to Access Mail Icon

The attached video shows another way to access the Mail icon in Windows 10

Step 5: Select Show Profiles

Locate and select the show profiles button

Step 6: When Starting Microsoft Outlook, Use This Profile:

Ensure that the radio button next to "Prompt for a profile to be used" is selected.Then select "Add..." in the center of the screen

Step 7: Profile Name

For Profile Name type "Enterprise Mail" then select OK

Step 8: Enter Your Email Address

Delete the pre-populated entry in "E-Mail Address:" and type in your address and select "Next"

Step 9: Certificate Selection and PIN

A Windows Security box will pop up prompting you to select a certificate and enter your PIN. Select the certificate that has the 10 digit number followed by @mil. Enter the PIN you setup at Personnel when receiving your Common Access Card. Select OK once you've entered your PIN.

Step 10: Finished!!!

Select the "Finish" button and you've completed the steps on creating an E-Mail account on Windows 10 for Microsoft Office utilizing the Defense Enterprise Email system.