Introduction: How to Setup and Configure Any Wireless Router

Change the IP address in wireless router?

Usually, the router’s administrator console offers a wide range of options that are helpful for you to change the default local address as well as other IP settings too. In case, the routers can use the non-default IP address, your settings can be restored and need to reset the router. However, you can also configure the router within local network by using default IP address and specific username and password.

How to login to the router using this IP address?

· Generally, people are using the default IP address for logging into the router.

· This private address can be set to default one, which allow the users to change the router’s settings based on the brand.

· Before you make changes in the setting, you need to login with specific username and password.

· If you don’t have any custom password, you can use the default password or leave this field blank and then click submit button.

· However, it is necessary to set the new password for the security purposes for your router and device. For any queries, you just read the router’s manual and understand the instructions to setup.

Step 1: