How to Sew Velcro Handcuffs




Introduction: How to Sew Velcro Handcuffs

 A little bondage can be fun, but metal handcuffs can be scary, ropes can chafe skin, and silk ties can be too precious to cut in an emergency.  Velcro cuffs are one of the most comfortable alternatives for those new to the bondage scene, and it's usually cheaper to make things yourself than to buy brand name products.  Here are some instructions on making these cuffs yourself.  

Sewing experience is necessary.

Step 1: Materials and Such

* 2 strips of 10 to 12 inch x 2 inch Sturdy Material
* 2 strips of 10 to 12 inch x 2 inch Soft  Material
* 1 foot Twill Tape, 1 inch wide
* 1 foot Industrial Strength Velcro
* 2 1-inch D-Rings
* 1 Key Ring
* Scissors
* Sewing machine
* Thread

Step 2:

 With wrong-sides together, stitch the sturdy, durable strip to the soft, comfortable strip.

Step 3:

 Cut twill tape in half.

Step 4:

 Center tape over cuff.  Sew a rectangle on one side of tape.  Slide the D-ring through tape, and sew the other side.  Stitch as close to the D-ring as possible.

Step 5:

 Zig-zag stitch the ends of twill tape to prevent fray.

Step 6:

 Cut velcro in half.  I used four inches of velcro for each cuff, both the sticky hook side and the soft loop side, discarding four inches.  This leaves enough space for the D-rings.

Step 7:

 Remove protective plastic from adhesive backing and press in place on TOP of the cuff.

Step 8:

 The package of industrial strength velcro advises you that the material is not recommended for fabric or sewing.  This is probably because the material is thick and relatively hard to sew through, especially by hand.  It could also break a sewing needle.

Regardless, to prevent the velcro from coming off, stitch through the velcro anyway.  USE CAUTION WHEN SEWING.

Step 9:

 Cut four inches of soft side of velcro.

Step 10:

 Remove adhesive backing from soft side of velcro and press on the soft, underside of the cuff on the opposite side.  I placed the soft, loopy side on the left underside of the cuff and the scratchy hook side on the right topside.

If either of these pieces are on the same side of the cuff, it will not close properly.

Stitch velcro in place.

Step 11:

 Repeat steps 2 - 10 for second cuff.

Step 12:

 If desired, trim excess fabric off edges and zig-zag or serge the raw edges to prevent fray.

Step 13:

 Attach cuffs with key ring through both D-rings.

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