Introduction: How to Sew a Primitive Halloween Stocking

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These adorable country prim Halloween stockings are easy to make and really add to your Halloween decor.  They are something you don't see every day and can be filled with Tricks or Treats!

Step 1:

Design a stocking on paper the way you would like it to look.  You may copy and paste the photo to the left and use it as a basic guide.  You will have to enlarge it and add more to the top area.
Pin your pattern onto two layers of orange felt.  Cut out your stocking.

Step 2:

Draw yourself a bat pattern on paper, or you may use the photo to the left.  Once again you will have to enlarge it.
Pin a cut three bats out of black felt.

Step 3:

Pin your three black bats on ONE of your orange stocking pieces with the pretty side up.  Zigzag stitch around each bat, stitching close to the edge of the bat.

Step 4:

Pin your 2 orange stockings ugly sides together and straight stitch around the edges using the pressure foot as your guide, EXCEPT for the top (that is where gifts will go, you don't want to stitch the stocking closed.)

Step 5:

Pin lace and ribbon of your choice around the top of the stocking.  Stitch. Add a ribbon hanger to one side. Stitch.

Step 6:

Your spooky Halloween stocking is done. They can be hung anywhere and filled with goodies!!!