Introduction: How to Sew an Apron With Secret Pocket for Your Phone

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When I was passing some time going through sites on the internet , I came across this Apron. I thought it was an awesome idea and decided to recreate the apron with my personal touches. I was thinking and researching about ideas to replace the ziploc bag for pocket with something else. I thought using Iron-on vinyl will be a great replacement ,then many reviews said it is coming off after washing and not withstanding for long time, etc etc. Then I went to search for laminated fabrics in JoAnn, they were out of stock. So, Finally I thought why not use clear vinyl for the pocket.However, it can't be machine washed(May be in delicate cycle with cold water) but I thought atleast it will last longer than the other stuffs mentioned above. Let's see how.

Step 1: ​Material Required :

  • Printed cotton - one yard
  • Solid cotton - 2 fat quarters
  • Clear vinyl for pocket
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric scissors
  • Marking chalk
  • Straight pins
  • Kraft paper for pattern(optional)
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Scissors
  • Iron

Step 2: Cut the Fabric Pieces

Cut the fabric pieces according to the measurements below.

With center fold, cut one piece for top part of the apron following the measurement as shown in the picture.

Bottom part - 36" X 20"
Center binding part - 3"X 60"

Neck straps - 2" X 20"

Pocket - 6" X 11"

Vinyl - 5" X 18"

Step 3: Mark the Pleat Points

Take the bottom part of the fabric 36" X 20".Fold and stitch the sides of the bottom part.

I made this 36"(24" +11"+1") wide because I wanted 11 one inch pleats plus half an inch on each side .

And 24" is the length of the finished apron I wanted when it is tie around the hip part.

This extra inches totally depends on how many pleats you want to add. I decided to add one pleat every two inch so I went with the 36".

Now mark the position of the pleats.

Step 4: Make the Pleats

To make a pleat, join the two marked point and pin it. Repeat the same until the whole piece is pleated and make a stitch to secure it. Fold and stitch the bottom hem to complete the bottom part.

Step 5: Stitch the Buttonhole

Take the clear vinyl and plan the place where the pocket has to go. Mark the place of the buttonhole. This buttonhole is for your headphones to go from the secret pocket to the outside. Place the clear vinyl and stitch the buttonhole. Also secure the top part of the vinyl with the stitch. I cut the vinyl pocket as single long 18" piece but you can make it as two pieces too.

Step 6: Complete the Secret Pocket

Take the other part of the vinyl and the 6"X11" pocket piece. Wrap and fold the fabric on the edge and make a stitch to secure the fabric with the vinyl. You will have half an inch of extra fabric on the sides. Now fold the vinyl to form a pocket. Wrap the extra fabric on the sides under the vinyl covering the two layers of the vinyl on all the three sides and stitch to complete the pocket. I made this pocket big because I don't want the headphone wire to bend tight to make its way out the buttonhole.

Step 7: Attaching the Center Binding

Fold and Iron the center binding piece around 3/4 inch on either side. Sandwich the bottom part between two binding pieces and make a stitch. Then make a top stitch to secure them .

Step 8: Attaching the Neck Straps

Fold ,Iron and stitch the side seams of the top part.Fold the neck straps in half, stitch, turn inside out, Iron and then top stitch on the both the sides.(If you want detailed pictures for neck strap, check step 3 here) Your neck strap is ready. Position and pin them at the place when you fold and iron the top seam of the top part. Stitch to complete the top seam and fold the neck straps and make couple of stitches in the front to secure it. Here I used zigzag stitch for decorative touch but a normal stitch can also be used.

Step 9: Attaching the Top and Bottom Part of the Apron

Now pin the top part to the center binding and make top stitch to complete. Stitch the remaining center straps with top stitch to complete the apron. You can also join the top and bottom part first and then attach the binding as shown here or do it this way. Your apron is now complete.

Hope you like this apron tutorial.Let me know if you have any doubts. The vinyl part is used for extra protection for the phone to prevent it from spills while cooking but if you feel you just need a place to keep your phone while cooking and think that just the pocket at the back itself protects your phone .Go ahead and skip the vinyl part and make the pocket as usual with a buttonhole for the headphones. If you have a friend who looks cooking and music so much ,then this is something perfect to make for them this holiday season or anytime of the year. If you feel the headphones might get caught on something when it is left in the front of apron, you can just route them inside the apron before wearing and skip the button hole part.It is totally up to you.

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