Introduction: How to Sharpen a Center Punch

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Video tutorial on how to sharpen a center punch. After usage a center punch can either dull or chip which does not make it mark as efficiently as it should. A center punch can be resharpened to make it functional again, there is no need to throw it away. Make sure you wear safety glasses when doing this procedure. An angle gauge can be used, but is not necessary. The more practice you get, the better you will become at sharpening center punch. I do this by free hand, no special tools are required for the procedure.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • bench grinder
  • center punch
  • safety glasses

Step 1:

The tip angle of a center punch should be about 60 degrees, this ensure it will mark correctly and have a long life expectancy. Too sharp of a point will dull quickly and too blunt of a point will not make a quality center mark. When using a bench grinder, be sure to take the correct safety precautions along with wearing safety glasses.

Step 2:

When sharpening, the grinder wheel must turn in such a manner where it'll pull the material away from the tip. The center point of the bit stays centered and be careful not to overheat it so it does not wreck the temper of the metal. When sharpening, move the center punch along evenly while spinning on the grinding wheel which ensures even wear on the grinding wheel.

Step 3: Al Done!

Once done, you should be left with something such as this.

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