Introduction: How to Sharpen a Cooking Knife Using a Fixed Angle Knife Sharpening Kit

This tutorial demonstrates how to correctly sharpen dull cooking knives with a fixed angle knife sharpening kit.


Dull Cooking Knife, Fixed Angle Sharpener and Whetstone

Step 1:

Select dull cooking knife and secure knife sharpening kit.

Step 2:

Suction the base of the fixed angle knife sharpener to a smooth surface by turning suction lever.

Step 3:

Attach the whetstone to the guide rod on the fixed angle knife sharpener.

Step 4:

Adjust the angle of the guide rod to approximately 10 degrees using the knobs on the rear of the fixed angle knife sharpener.

Step 5:

Lift the guide rod and set the dull cooking knife on to the magnetized platform, lowering guide rod over blade.

Step 6:

Grasp the knob on the end of the guide rod and use whetstone to grind the blade, moving whetstone against the cutting edge in upward motion with slight lateral movement towards point of blade.

Step 7:

Grind blade for several strokes and repeat steps on the opposite side of the blade. Continue repeating these steps until the blade achieves the desired level of sharpness, testing the blade by cutting an item such as a potato.