Introduction: How to Sharpen a Tungsten

You ever wonder how Welders get that clean, colorful, dime droppin welds. So clean and perfect you can weld Truck Headers or Custom turbo manifolds?

Well it starts with the right gear and the perfect knowledge in tig welding. Just kidding, I'm not a professional or a master tig welder. I just sharpen my tungsten the right way! Hey, my name is Tyler and I'm a lake area tech student in the welding program, here to instruct you on how to sharpen the perfect tungsten. So sharp and on point that it covers up me being a beginner and still in school. If you sharpen the pencil right then you will have clean thin lines. Well a tungsten is like a welder pencil, because at the tip of the points is where all the action happens. Having a sharpen tungsten reflects the size of the puddle to deal with. If its grinded offset then you lose control of the puddle when in motion. Steady pace, confidence plus a good tungsten will have your friends saying “ DAMN SON, That's nice!” These are some simple steps you can partake in doing, so the tungsten is sharp to the right degree.


  1. Safety Glasses
  2. Gloves
  3. 2% Thoriated Tungsten
  4. Power Drill Gun
  5. Band Sander

Step 1:

First, look at what you are working with, Aluminum, Mild Steel, or other metals because the tungsten color matters. Red is 2% thoriated combined with tungsten. which is perfect for mild steel tig welding. It's mainly the color most used by common tig welders. Easy to use and has high control the weld puddle when sharpened to perfection.

Step 2:

Next, take out a tungsten from the packaging. Push the top of the package back and slide out, exposing all 10 tungstens. Remove 1 to 3 tungstens, depending on how frequent you wanna keep sharpening when you mess up. Grab the power drill gun and reverse the way the drill spins by the button located above the trigger on the gun. Be sure to insert the battery pack or plug in the power drill gun, depending on what power tool is there.

Step 3:

Eventually, hold the chuck at the front of the drill gun very tightly. Slowly squeezing the trigger. Allowing the drill gun to spin. Take notice at the tip, as the drill gun spins the opening of the drill tip begins to space apart. Besure to stop at the correct size for the okay to be a little over, as it's easier to fit the tungsten in.

Step 4:

After, insert the tungsten into the opening with the color first. That way when you are done wedling you can still identify which color the tungsten is. It's very helpful when you have a toolbox full of different tungsten colors. I just put them back into the package so there is no damage done. Clicking the reverse button once again switching the drill gun spin direction. Holding the chuck very tightly and slowly squeezing the trigger. Allowing the drill gun to tighten the tungsten in place

Step 5:

At last, turn on the belt sander and get ready to lay the tungsten at a 45 degree angle. It is very important to have the right degree when grinding it down. If the angle is greater than 50 degrees, it will have a blunted look. which has a greater heat affected zone but a smaller weld nugget size. However, if the angle is lower than 40 degrees, it will become too much of a needle point. That means it will never have the correct penetration for the weld. Which makes it perfect when tig welding very thin material.

Step 6:

Finally, Squeeze the trigger on the drill gun, so that the tungsten is spinning. Laying the tungsten straight on the belt sander. NOT sideways or at a slant but straight with a 45 degree angle. Tungsten needs a straight grinding groove because that's how the argon gas flows off the tip. Creating that weld puddle size and heat. Pay attention to the tip as the tungsten shapens. When you see a nice point stop and remove away from the belt sander. If not, continue to grind til you see a sharp point.

Step 7:

All in all, remove the tungsten from the drill gun. By clicking the reverse button and holding the chuck tightly. Squeezing the trigger so the tungsten becomes loose. Remove and insert into the tig torch. There is a little opening in the gas screen at the tip of the touch. Slide the tungsten in with the sharpen point exposing. Twist the cap righty tighty, not too tight but just enough. now you are ready to hit the pedal with the gas and create many amazing projects with the cleanest form of welding!