Introduction: How to Sheet an Exterior Wall

I am a professional in the construction industry. Sheeting a wall can become a disaster if the proper method is not used. I have seen it happen and have cleaned up the mess. To some people, the process can seem daunting. I will explain the proper and professional method to sheet any exterior wall. Sheeting will be easy with these instructions.

Step 1: Step 1

The first step to sheeting a wall is to snap a line, assuming the wall has already been squared up. It is important to account for the green-treated bottom plate. To account for this, hook the white wood bottom plate and pull a measurement of 47 ¼ inches. This measurement will allow ¾ inches of sheeting to hang onto the green treat. Repeat this step on each end of the wall. Use a chalk box to snap the line. There will now be a clearly marked line on each stud.

Step 2: Step 2

It is time to start installing sheeting. Sheeting will start at the bottom left corner of the wall. This is usually where stud layout is pulled from which will ensure the sheeting will splice on a stud. Place the piece of sheeting on the wall and flush the sheeting up with the left most stud. Make sure the sheeting is also flush with the line on the top edge. Now, staple the sheet off. As you are stapling off ensure that the studs are sitting at the proper 16-inch layout. To do this pull from the left-hand edge of the sheet and mark every 16 inches. When stapling this sheet push or pull the studs to the proper layout.

Step 3: Step 3

Continue stapling sheets onto the wall lengthwise. It is critical to not have splices stacked above each other. To start the second row of sheeting, cut a four by four-foot piece. This will make the sheeting stack like Legos. The last pieces on the wall will be cuts. Simply pull a measurement from the right-hand side to the edge of the sheet. Cut these pieces to fit and install them. Once this is completed, the wall will be properly sheeted.