Introduction: How to Shoot a BareBow

A "BareBow" is a typically a recurve bow (which is a traditional style bow) with no sights, no stabilizers and no markings on the bow to help you aim or steady the bow. This makes it more an instinct sport because you have nothing to come back to shot after shot. For this Instructable, you will need a bare bow and three arrows!!

Step 1: Grab a Bow and Three Arrows

When grabbing a bow, make sure that if you are right handed you grab a right handed bow and vice versa for a left handed person.

Step 2: Stand Perpendicular to the Target

If you are right handed, stand with your left foot toward the target and if you are left handed, stand with your right foot forward.

Step 3: Grip Bow

If you are right handed you would grip the bow with your left hand and if you are left handed you would hold it with your right.

Step 4: Take Arrow and Nock It on the String

When grabbing the arrow make sure you have the fletching and nock on the string side of the bow. When actually putting the arrow on the bow, make sure it has the one off colored fletching is facing out from the bow and toward yourself. Then you put the nock on the arrow till you here a slight click.

Step 5: Set Arrow on Tab on Riser

Set the arrow on the tab that sticks out from the riser of the bow.

Step 6: Pull Back the Arrow

When drawing the bow back you will want to slant the top of the bow to the right with about a 15 degree slant if you are a right handed shooter and 15 degrees left for a left handed shooter because that will help the arrow from falling off the tab on the riser. When drawing the bow back you will want to wrap your first knuckle with your index finger above the arrow/nock and your middle and ring finger below it around the string. When actually drawing the bow back you will want to keep your bow arm mostly straight but with a slight bend, straight out in front of you, your right arm will be pulling the string so you pull back with your middle finger at the corner of your mouth.

Step 7: Aim the Arrow at the Target

When aiming the target you will need to line up your eye with the shaft of the arrow and center it within your target. Always remember to make sure there is no one down range.

Step 8: Release String to Shoot the Bow

To release the arrow, you will slowly let go of the string with your right hand and "pull through the shot". While doing this keep your bow arm straight out to the target until your arrow hits the target. By doing this, it can improve your accuracy and consistency.

Step 9: Retrieve Your Arrows and Shoot Some More!!