How to Shoot a Basketball

Introduction: How to Shoot a Basketball

This intructable is a guide on how to shoot a basketball. It will give you all the steps you need in order to have a perfect jump shot!

Step 1: Make Sure Your Feet Are Squared

First thing to shooting is having a proper stance. So, make sure your feet are squared and if you want put your shooting foot slightly in front.

Step 2: Spread Your Hands on the Ball

This step is important so that you have a good grip and so you can control the ball better when you shoot.

Step 3: Elbows In!

Square your arms up with your feet and try and keep those elbows in.

Step 4: Bend Your Knees

In order to get a jump shot where you can have a far range you need to create the most power in your legs. Many players think that you have to push with your arms, which is true but it is a lot easier when you generate power from your lower body.

Step 5: Find Your Target

People have different places where they like to focus on when shooting. In my opinion I like looking at where the net and rim meet. You can do whatever is most comfortable for you.

Step 6: Jump!

Step 7: Follow Through

This is the last but most important step. With that wrist pretend like your reaching for a cookie in a jar.

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