Introduction: How to Show Respect in the UK

How to be polite in the UK?

How to behave like a gentleman or a lady?

Let's check it out!

Step 1: Be on Time

British people value punctuality very much. It is impolite to be late even for few minutes. Especially when you have formal dinner, concert or appointments, be more careful to be on time.

Step 2: Greet With Handshake

British people tend to look very strict and common, but actually are friendly and helpful to foreigners. The first step to interact with them is usually a handshake. However, you should be careful not to go over the line since British value personal space very much. Thus, hugging or kissing on the chick might make them uncomfortable.

Step 3: Call Last Names

When calling names, it is polite to call British their last name with appropriate title. Until they allow you to call their first name, try to stick with the last name and the title. If you do not know the name, call them sir or madam.

Step 4: Do Not Exaggerate Your Body Language

As mentioned before, British people feel uncomfortable when others stand too close or touch them without permission. Personal space is very important for them. Even when they are getting on to the subway, people rather wait for the next train even though there is some space for people standing. Thus, try to avoid big hand gestures and exaggerated body language