Introduction: How to Simply Seed a Pomegranate (recipe Included)

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Is there a simple way to seed a fruit that has over 600 juicy little cells? Cells that have the ability to stain your clothes and skin once the juice is released?

Yes a typical pomegranate contains about 600 juicy seeds encapsulated in white pith. No other fruit compares with such a challenge that the pomegranate gives one to enjoy its juicy bounty. 

Step 1:

What this image fails to show you is the juicy mess that was made from pulling that fruit apart and the juice running and squirting every where it could find to splatter its staining juice. 

Here’s a way to deal with such a challenge of getting the seeds out, with out the juicy mess.

Step 2:

As shown in the illustration cut the pomegranate across the equator.

Step 3:

Take one half of the fruit and using a wooden spoon, protecting your fingers, hit the pomegranate hard all around. Do the same with the other half. In a matter of seconds all seeds fall out with little to no mess what so ever!!

Pomegranates have benefits to the heart, immune system, and even mental health. Pomegranate is gaining credence for being helpful with improving depression symptoms. Research reported in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology shows promise in lab experiments that could indicate use for pomegranate juices, extracts and teas in women struggling with depression symptoms during menopause.

Hey you guys who don't like spending money on expensive skin care creams so your wife or girlfriend can have beautiful pomegranates. 

This fruit has become popular due to the beauty benefits it offers. Studies have shown that pomegranates contain antioxidants and other properties that maintain or enhance the health of the skin.

You ladies who want a healthy ticker in your guy so he can keep up with pomegranates.

Rich in vitamins C and B5, polyphenols, potassium and other nutrients, the pomegranate has been used to treat several health conditions, including high blood pressure. 

Now you learned how to seed a pomegranate and the benefits of eating one or drinking its juice, don't forget to add it to your shopping list.

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Eat and Be Healthy.

For more information about how food correlates to a health you visit: Savor the Food and Your Health.

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