Introduction: How to Size a Finger for a Ring.

We will be learning to size a finger for a ring. We will be working with narrow sizer that work best for thin rings and beveled rings, also known as comfort fit rings. That means the ring is rounded in the center.

Step 1: Take Ring Sizer

Most sizer will start at size 1 and go up t size 13 or 15 depending on the sizer. There are whole sizes or half sizes for the most part. There is an example of whole ans half sizes in step in step 4.

Step 2: Who's Hands Are You Sizing.

Take a look at the person male or female that will determine which standard size you will start with.

Tip: older people have wider joints, you may want to with a bigger size.

Step 3: Should We Size Them Right Know

Before sizing you should ask the person if their hands are swollen. You don't really want to size if their hands are swollen the ring it will fit too loose when the hands get cold and shrink.

Step 4: Start Sizing

Grab your sizer and depending on male or female start with stander size.

Male size 10

women size 7

Step 5: Time to Put Them On

When you put on the sizer you want to sizer to go on without resistance

Tip: notice on the video the ring goes on smooth but its too big coming out.

Step 6: Don't Get Stressed

This is where it could get a little frustrating, but well find the right size

Go up and down until you get closer to the size of the person.

Step 7: How Should the Ring Come Out? Pt1

When trying to get the ring off you want the ring to slip with out resistance until you get to the bottom of the knuckle.

Step 8: How Should the Ring Come Out? Pt2

When you get to the knuckle you wan to pull the ring from alternative sides until the ring is over the knuckle. Then he ring should slip right out!

Step 9: Redo As Needed

Do this as many times as you need until you find the right size, but if for some reason the whole size or half size are too small or too big its okay this may happen. There are quarter sizes, but on those you just have to guess.

You want it to fit as close as possible to the video on the previous step.

Step 10: How Does It Feel?

Ask the person how it feels. It is there finger make sure they are comfortable.

Its their ring and it probably means a lot to them, so getting the right size is super important so they don't loose it.