How to Sketch a Baby Parasaurolophus.

Introduction: How to Sketch a Baby Parasaurolophus.

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these steps will show you low to draw a super cute and fun baby parasaurolophus. i got this idea from my plush parasaurolophus, and started to draw it. but then i realised i could make an instructable out of it so i did! lets get started!


printer paper or a sketchbook

no. 2 pencil


Step 1: Shapes

(you will probably need to look at the picture for each of these steps)

draw a circle near the top of your paper. it is the head, so you're going to want to put it near the top of your paper. you should probably have your paper in 'portrait mode'. then draw another circle under it, like a snowman. here comes the hard part, draw an oval sorta under it so it looks like the 'snowman' is floating. you may need to look at the picture. how far away it is depends on how tall you want your baby to be.

Step 2: Add Legs, Tail, Arms, Mouth Head Ridge and Connect the Body Parts

connect the body parts like in the picture and make a tail like in the picture. then on the other side of the oval make a two legs next to each other, to make it look like it is sitting. then, to add the arms, put arm shapes around the second circle that we made, maybe even overlapping. then add another arm like we did with the legs. to make the mouth, make almost a triangle around the head, and the head ridge do the same exept for skinnier, and i think that the picture helps more than the words.

Step 3: Erase Inside Shapes

erase the helping shapes and make s few adjustments, like you can make him/her a little skinnier. this i think is the easiest part.

Step 4: Detail

add details, like an eye, and texture, like little dots on his/her belly to make it look like skales or shadows. have fun with it!

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