Introduction: How to Ski in Summer

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So I absolutely love snow skiing, but from its name you know you need snow. At best where I live we get a couple inches for 2 - 3 1/2 months but then there is the problem of mountains! Everything around me is relatively flat, save for a few small hills. So right now I am craving skiing, craving that carve (see what I did there?) and just craving that feeling, I might have a problem I dunno. So anyway if you want to ski in summer this is one way to do it.

Also, I entered this in the "creative misuse contest" as I am misusing the sprayer to ski, so if you like it I would really appreciate it if you voted for me.

Mods please go easy on me I know this is a half finished instructable. :(

Step 1: Set Up the Sprayer

So for this instructable you will need

  1. A small vehicle like a golfcart or gator
  2. Liquid fertilizer sprayer
  3. Water skiing rope
  4. Obviously skis and boots

The reason you need a sprayer and not just the gator and a tow rope is because skis don’t behave very well on dry grass (just like trying to go down a dry water slide) so with the sprayer on it creates a nice little pathway for you to ski on.The first step is to set up your sprayer. To set up my sprayer it was plugging it in and attaching the 'jet' pieces and filling the tank up.

Step 2: Drive Around!

The next step is to gear up! You should wear a helmet as grass and rocks are not as forgiving when you fall as snow is. A couple pointers:

  • When starting up you should be 'squatting' on your skis.
  • Turn on the sprayer before you start driving.
  • Find a speed that is good for you and your equipment as I tried it with different skis as well as ropes and the optimal speed was different.
  • Pick some hand signals for you and your driver. Such as: a thumbs up for faster, thumbs down for slower, and the OK sign for good.
  • Try different lengths of grass. I tried out a bunch of different areas where we hadn't mowed and even the berm of the road. Some of the spots were good and some were bad it just depends.

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