Introduction: How to Skin a Frog

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Frogs are plentiful and really fun to catch!! Easy to clean and delicious, it really doesn't make sense in my mind why everyone doesn't go after them! It requires just one tool to clean them, and takes about thirty seconds.

What you'll need:

  1. A frog
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. A hose

Step 1:

Lay the frog on it's belly and insert the lower jaw of the scissors into the skin on the back near one arm and cut to the opposite side. I cut a flap of skin upwards to towards the head to make double sure the skin rips in the right place in the next step.

Insert your finger underneath the skin on the frog's back and push all the way to the base of the legs. Using your finger, pull the skin backwards towards the legs and keep pulling until the skin reaches the last joint. The legs should be fully skinned at this point and look like the picture above.

Use the scissors to cut off the feet at the last joint and legs off the body. Cut the legs off as close to the base of the legs as possible to avoid cutting any innards.

Wash the legs. You're done!

Discard the scraps and clean the scissors.

-Note!! It is normal for the frogs to move, eyes blink, kick, crawl, or otherwise show signs of life. This is natural. All reptiles do this. I have cleaned turtles that kicked and scratched me a full hour after I decapitated them. Snakes have tried to crawl out of the pan when I cooked them fresh. For this reason I recommend at least a day of refrigeration before cooking reptiles or amphibians.

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