Introduction: How to Sleep on the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most awesome places in China and visiting the wall is a must do if you go to China.  If you feel like a bit of adventure and a real travel experience, you can sleep on the wall when you visit it.

What could be more fun than sleeping on a 1000 year old wall???

If you want to know more about the wall, read this blog post on the back ground of the wall

Step 1: Choose the Location

Some parts of the wall like Badaling are so crowded, they look like Disneyland. If you try sleeping there, management will kick you out or you'll be woken up by a Japanese tour group filming/photographing yours truly. Other parts of the wall are so remote they require a day or more of hard hiking to reach.

Personally the best place on the Great Wall for sleeping is Wohushan which is a part of the Gubeikou section of the wall.

Step 2: The Equipment

The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable the sleep over will be.

You will need
Sleeping bag
a mattress
sturdy hiking shoes
large back pack
camera and spare batteries,
compact and dry food ie Muesli (gods gift to campers),
suitable clothing
two liters of water

Step 3: Getting There

A trip to the Great Wall starts off at Beijing Train Station. From there, take these steps
1-catch the subway to Dongzhimen subway stop and leave through exit B
2-just outside exit B is a massive long distance bus stop. You can't miss it. Catch the express bus to Miyun
3-Get of the bus at Miyun and walk to the Gubeikou bus stop where you can catch the bus to Gubeikou
4-When you arrive at Gubeikou, head towardsd the west section of the wall at Wohushan mountain

Step 4: The Sleep

The sun sets at around 7pm and walking on the wall then becomes too dangerous so either sleep early or bring some entertainment.

Sun rise is around 5:30am and is a must see so set your alarm for 5:00am.

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