Introduction: How to Sleeve Computer Cables

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Cable sleeving is done to make a system look neat or to match the cable with the color scheme of the system. Its for aesthetic purpose only.

In case you have never done cable sleeving before especially of the front panel this might help you a lot in that.

Tools required

  1. Tweezers
  2. Small pin (I used the one that came with superglue)
  3. Heat shrink tubing 3mm and 5mm, one feet each and 15mm in case you want to cover connectors as well)
  4. Heat Gun or lighter (To shrink the tubing)
  5. Sleeving (Length depends upon the number of wires and their lengths)
  6. Blade

Step 1: How To

1. First you need to take the wires pins out of the connector ( work on the end that goes on the motherboard )

2. Before jumping into the operation make sure that you either take pics or write the wire arrangement on a piece of paper depending on their color so later you can put em back right.

3. The trick is simple, though the connectors being small and pins being tiny the whole thing is pretty frustrating to work on. You need to lift the black buckle and then drag the cable out of the connector. This is done for all the cables.

4. Once that is done you will need to remove the old heat shrink and then put on the new heat shrinks over the connector pins this helps a lot and make it possible for the sleeving to pass over the connector pins.

5. Then you put on the sleeving (Talcum Powder can be used on wires to help sleevings slide even easier )

6. Once the sleeving is done put on the “2” heat shrinks over the sleeving about 1cm in length to cover each end of the cable.

7. Insert the cable back in the connector. Once each cable is put back it creates a small click sound ensuring that the cable is secured in the connector.

8. Now simply slide each heat shrinks that you put on in step 6 to the extreme sides. And using a lighter or heat gun shrink em. In case of heat gun be careful that you don’t melt the connector’s plastic. Match sticks are not recommended as the often leave black shade on the sleevings. You are DONE.

Good Luck