Introduction: How to Solder Headers Straight

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Showing how to use a breadboard to solder headers straight for any breakout board , microcontroller etc!

The basics is just to stick the headers onto the breadboard, place the module on top of the headers and finally solder the headers to the board.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Here is what will be needed:

-Soldering Iron




-Board being soldered to

*Note the Arduino is NOT needed It's included in the picture because it's attached to the breadboard with an acrylic plate I laser cut.

Step 2: Stick the Headers Into a BreadBoard

Sticking the headers into a breadboard will force the headers to be stable and straight.

Next, align the holes of the board to the headers.

Step 3: Solder the Headers to the Board

Before soldering:

- tin the tip of the soldering iron so the solder glides on smoothly rather than staying on the soldering iron.

Then proceed to solder on the headers