Introduction: How to Solid Model in ROBLOX Studio

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Solid modeling has many uses in ROBLOX game development. Solid modeling may be used to reduce lag, create complex shapes, and to make your game look nicer overall.

Step 1: Insert Two New Parts of Your Choice

It doesn't matter what shape the part is, just select the one that best matches your design.

Step 2: With Your Second Part Selected, Intersect the Two Parts.

Step 3: Right-click the Second Part and Click "negate"

Right click on the part you want to negate from the first part, then click "negate."

Step 4: Select Both Parts, Right Click Them, Then Press "union"

This will negate the negative part from the normal one, leaving you with your final negated part.

Step 5: Check Your Negated Part

Make sure that the part is exactly how you expected it to turn out. If your part turned out wrong, try undoing the previous steps (Ctrl+Z) then making adjustments before trying again.