Introduction: How to Solve Rafts Warping From the Build Plate?


While using a bottom-up SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printer, it is necessary to periodically level and clean the build plate before printing so as to to ensure good adhesion of your print to the build plate. Without this, the first layers may become uneven which could cause adhesion problems. As a resulit, the rafts may have warped from the build plate.

Step 1: Possible Causes: Impurities on the Build Plate

To achieve good adhesion, the print surface needs to be smooth and clean. There should be no traces of oil, grease or fingerprints on the build plate.

Step 2: Possible Causes: the Build Plate Is Uneven

If the build plate is not flat, you will likely have adhesion problems and possible failures especially when you are attempting large prints. The rafts could have looked slant or even warped which may affect the accuracy of the print.

Step 3: Possible Causes: Abrasion of the Build Plate

Abrasion of the build plate may also affect adhesion of your print. And in extreme cases, it may cause the print to separate from the build plate.

Step 4: Solutions: Clean the Build Plate

It’s important to regularly clean the build plate. If you use glue on the build plate, make sure you clean it afterwards. Excessive glue can be removed with water (and soap), and alcohol cleaner is effective for getting rid of greasy fingerprints.

Step 5: Solutions: Level the Build Plate

- Place a piece of printer paper on the LCD screen

- Press the Z height reset button on the screen to lower the build plate until it goes for home position at the correct height

- Hold the build plate and loosen the leveling screws

- Check whether the build plate is flat (you can press the build plate to touch the screen)

- Tighten the leveling screws

- Decrease the Z-axial motion (0.1mm/1mm) and continue to lower the build plate until you feel resistance when you move the paper

- Back to the home screen and click “Set Z=0”

Step 6: Solutions: Sand the Build Plate

After certain period of time, the build plate may need sanding the abrasion layers to improve adhesion. Use the sand paper to lightly polish the platform surface crosswise to improve surface roughness. Then use napkins with water or alcohol to clean the surface.

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Notes: This solution is recommended only to experienced users, since incorrect approach could damage the build plate even further.