Introduction: How to Speed Up Old Netbook

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in this instructable i will show you how to make old or cheap laptop more usable in 21st century

Step 1: Prepare

you need : pendrive, linux distro iso, tool for making bootable pendrive and laptop. I am showing this project on asus E200H

Ubuntu website:

Step 2: Write Iso Image on USB Drive

There is lots of usefull software that you can use for this purpose, but in my opinion the best one for this job is Rufus

Rufus website

Step 3: Boot With USB

Usb stick should be at least 2GB, then it depends on your hardware, all you need is to boot to bios and choose in boot option, pendrive then your system will boot to linux installation

Step 4: Graphical Installation of Linux

Installation process is fully automatic you just need to press few buttons and that all your linux distro is good to go

here is very good xubuntu installation guide on wiki how:

Step 5: And Now Enjoy

your new linux fresh linux distro, it will severely increase speed of your cheap netbook, but you need to keep in mind that there are some things that will not work such as some of netbooks have incompatible soundcards etc.

But overall expierence is very good and in my opinion it is very good way to use your old harware with new software on it, linux is even capable of resurrect even 10 years old harware, so in my opinion you should definietly try it out or if you are not decided you can always dualboot linux with your old operating system