Introduction: How to Speed Up WiFi Using Ping in Android Phones

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If You Are just waiting for complete loading . So forget it . Now you can speed up your WiFi speed using these ping command

Step 1: Downloading Terminal Emulator From Playstore

First of All . for using Linux on Android we want to download "Terminal Emulator" by using Google Play Store.
1:Open play store.
2:Type in search box"terminal emulator"
3:Download the app having green icon with android logo. As shown in fig.

Step 2: Finding Your Ip

To find your IP first of all open Google app.
1:Type "ip" in search box
2:Note down IP address which is shown in top of all websites

Step 3: Typing Command in Terminal Emulator

open the app. it shows page like this
1:Type " ping "
2:Press " space " button one time
3:Then type IP address that you have already note down .
4:then press enter button
5:page will automatically write commands.
Finally Check your speed before and after command . and tell me in comment box.

Step 4: Thanks You All


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