Introduction: How to Start a Gaming Live Stream

This Instructables is going to show you how to set up a stream using the Open Broadcaster Software or OBS

To start your live stream using OBS you're going to want the following things

  • A computer capable of running your game and the streaming software
  • A webcam (optional)
  • A microphone

Step 1: Download Open Broadcaster Software

This is rather simple. Just look up OBS anywhere you surf the web. From there download it for your type of computer.

Step 2: Open OBS

Now that it is installed you can open in on your computer. At this time you can navigate and get comfortable with the software.

Step 3: Link Stream Platform

You can now go to File>Settings>Stream

Now that you have done that you can connect your preferred streaming platform.

Step 4: Add Sources

So once you have finished connecting your stream service you can add your sources for the stream to capture. To add sources look at the bottom of the screen and find the box that looks like above. You'll want to push the plus button in the lower left-hand corner to add each source.

Step 5: Set Display Capture

The add sources button will allow you to add display capture. Make sure it is set for the right monitor if you have more than one.

Step 6: Audio Output Capture

To set the audio capture you'll want to do the same thing you did to capture display, but you'll be selecting audio capture. Make sure to select the device from which all your audio will be played through. At the same time if you have a microphone then you can set that up. Just select the audio input and the correct microphone you'll be using. I am using a Yeti Blue studio microphone so I made sure that was the audio it was using.

Step 7: Setup Webcam

This step is optional, but most streams include a webcam. The same steps are used to add this source, just select Video Capture. This will let you select the desired camera to use.

Step 8: Update Stream Info

Now you can update your stream information. This is what people on the streaming platform will see at a glance of your stream. Above I have put a simple example of what you may put here.

Step 9: Start Your Stream!

Once you've completed all these steps you can start your stream. It is always good to have a friend check and make sure everything is functioning well. Now that you're all set enjoy streaming your amazing gaming experiences.