Introduction: How to Start a Round of Golf


These are instructions one should follow for any important golf outing. An example of an important outing is playing with anyone you are specifically trying to impress. Some examples of such outings may include a future business partner, prospective client, or future in-law.

(Figure 1. Starting A Round of Golf. Taken from Google Images.

Step 1: Time Commitment:

The average round of golf should take about 3-5 hours for 18 holes (A standard round) or 1.5-3 hours for 9 holes. These will vary depending on a number of conditions, including number of players in your group, groups in front of you, and of course if you are walking or driving golf carts.

Step 2: Supplies List

  • A set of golf clubs, no more than 14 clubs
    • 1 Driver, 3 fairway woods, 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter
  • A dozen golf balls About twenty golf tees
  • A golf pencil
  • A golf appropriate polo or jacket, sweaters are okay
    • Golf appropriate typically means having a collar
  • Golf Appropriate Shoes
    • These are available for purchase at local sports stores
    • Tennis shoes are also acceptable
  • Dress Pants, Dress shorts, or skorts
  • Money to pay for the round.
    • Expect to pay anywhere from $15-$150 depending on the course, most courses will have rates available in the clubhouse, or on their website.
  • Golf bag with a set of golf clubs, balls and tees inside of the bag.

(Figure 2.1 PGX Golf Clubs. Taken From Google Images.

(Figure 2.2. Golf Supplies. Taken from Google Images.

Step 3: Attire: What to Wear While Playing Your Round of Golf

  • Put on Polo Shirt.
  • Put on Dress Pants.
  • Tuck the polo shirt into the pants.
  • Grab a belt and weave belt through pant loops.
    • The shirt should be tucked into the pants to show professionalism.
  • Tighten belt to satisfactory level.
  • Chose a pair of comfy socks and put them on your feet.
  • Put on golf shoes or running shoes and lace them up.
  • Hats are optional, a sun hat or athletic hat are prefered.
    • Always wear your hat forward.

(Figure 3. Proper Golf Attire. Taken from Google Images.

Step 4: Pre-Round:

  • Show professionalism upon arrival.
  • Show up to the golf course at least half an hour to an hour before Tee Time.
  • Use this time to loosen muscles, practice your swing, putting, and pay for the round.
    • Use this time to grab food or snacks.
    • Go to the restroom prior to the round as not all courses have them on the course
    • Grab a scorecard from the clubhouse.
      • Even if you don’t plan on keeping score, a scorecard will usually contain a course map and local rules which could come in handy during the round .
  • Show respect to playing partner by turning phone off and conducting self in a professional manner.

(Figure 4. Thistle Golf Clubhouse. Taken from Google Images.

Step 5: On the Course Etiquette:

  • Shake hands with everyone on the first tee to show respect to playing partners, introduce yourself if you have not met them before.
  • Create conversation with players by talking about common things such as;
    • Family
    • Life
    • Prospective deals
  • Thank playing partners at the end of round with a handshake.

(Figure 5. Shaking Hands Etiquette. Taken from Google Images.

Step 6: On the Course Coutesies:

  • Do not drive the golf cart onto the Putting Green.
  • Rake sand bunkers after hitting ball out of them.
  • Do not talk while the other players are hitting their golf ball.
  • Do not use cell phones for the entire round.
    • Unless the cell phone is being used to capitalize on a business deal.
    • Or playing partners permit the use of cell phones.

(Figure 6. Common Courtesies. Taken from Google Images.

Step 7: Safety Warnings:

  • Avoid hitting golf balls at other people, buildings, or the playing partners.
  • Drive the golf cart with care.
    • Ex. stay on the cart paths and avoid driving into water hazards or sand bunkers.
  • Do not let go of golf club while swinging.
  • Wear sunscreen or a hat to protect skin from sunburns.

Step 8: Conclusion:

After reading through these instructions, it is our hope that you have gained knowledge on how to successfully start a round of golf. You have learned the in’s and out’s of proper golf etiquette, including what to expect prior to stepping onto the course, how to approach your fellow golfers, and even common courtesies during the game. If any future problems or questions arise, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Best of luck to you in your next round of golf.