How to Stop Cutting Yourself? 4 Things to Know

Introduction: How to Stop Cutting Yourself? 4 Things to Know

How to stop cutting yourself is a very common question from
teen and adult alike, it is clear that the number of people who are self
harming is on the increase. What many people are not aware of is the fact that there are
tremendous numbers of cutters worldwide; it is not uncommon for close friends
and family members to be completely in the dark about their loved one self harm.

How to stop cutting yourself is question that so many ask and sadly
there have been very few real answers. The more information that you have about this
behavior the better; in this instructable we will take a closer look at self
harm and see what you can do about it.

Step 1: 1. You Are Not Alone

The first thing to understand about self harm is that you are
not alone; often those who self harm feel like they are alone in the world. It
is a difficult thing emotionally to self harm; it is even more difficult
when you believe that no one understands. It is a fact that most cutters have
admitted that they know very few people whom they truly can confide in about self harm. It is
important to know that self harm is a worldwide problem; you are not alone in
dealing with this issue.

When addressing how to stop cutting yourself it is good to know that you are not alone.

A worldwide problem

According to study from England it was revealed that 1 out of
every 12 young people self harm, the statistics are worst for females, 1 out of
every 10 females under age 25 self harm.

The usual method of self harm is a deliberate
cutting of the skin.

Professor Keith Hawton, director of the Centre for Suicide
Research at Oxford University, and Professor Rory O'Connor from the University
of Stirling, said the result of the study raised 'important questions
relevant to the prevention of persistent self-harm and the onset of self-harm
and suicidal behavior in early adulthood'.

There are many who are seeking how to stop cutting but are not finding a

Step 2: Stress

There is a strong connection between stress and self harm. School, employment, relationships or even self
image are often at the root cause of self harm, your stress may be subtle and at other times it can be quite obvious,but the bottom line is that circumstances can trigger a desire to self harm.

The issue of stress revolves around control, when we feel that we are not in
control this can signal a stress response which can lead to a self harming

Step 3: The Brain

Most discusses on how to stop cutting yourself ignore the brain; it is a rare discussion which
speaks of the role in which the brain plays in regards to self harm. In linking the brain and
self harm it leads us to how the brain reacts to stress.
When under stress the brain releases a
hormone called cortisol, most cutters experience a stress response before the
urge to cut, they may feel the “need to cut”; this is coming from an
often hidden stress.

When under stress the brain releases a hormone which is actually detrimental to your mental

Chronic stress and elevated cortisol levels also increase
risk for depression,
mental illness, and lower life expectancy. This week, two separate studies were
published in Science
linking elevated cortisol levels as a potential trigger for mental illness and
decreased resilience—especially in adolescence

Self harm is dangerous but it is also important to
recognize that the underlying causes( your stress) can ruin your health,
mentally and physically.

Step 4: Mental Illness and Self Harm

It is important to recognize self harm as a mental health issue, this does not mean that you
are crazy but it does mean that you can often feel like you are being driven
crazy by circumstances. The reason that self harm is considered a mental
illness is due to the fact that when a person harms themselves, psychiatrists see this as a cry for help. They cutter is taking stress out literally on themselves”.

What leads to self harm is an inners stress which usually
comes from outer circumstances, the end result is the person directs this inner
stress back on self.

Once a person exhibits harm to self or others they behavior may be
classified as a mental illness. How to stop cutting yourself is a question that
can only be answered when the root causes of the behavior are addressed.

It is important to know that many who are questioned as to why they self harm admit that they simply "don’t
know why", but this is not so mysterious as it may seem.

Often we ignore past and present stresses, abuses and other experiences which contribute to self
harm. Hopefully this instructable has given you a better understanding of self harm.

Please do not forget that if you are cutting yourself you are
not alone
.Please see this important article of Self harm. Click Here Stop Cutting Myself

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