How to Store/ Save Your Henna Tattoo Paste




Introduction: How to Store/ Save Your Henna Tattoo Paste

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Henna Cubes!
Henna usually gets bad if you keep it too long. I figured out a way to freeze henna with just the right amount of it for a jacquard applicator bottle or a henna cone made by hand. 
I recommend going to henna caravan for your products! They are very worth it and i trust them every time :)
Henna caravans link:

What you will need;
* A  metal cooking bowl (mostly any kind of bowl except plastic, it might get dyed) 
* Fork
* Knife
* Ziploc bag
* Jamila Henna Powder, 100 grams Body Art Quality. (you can find all of this at henna caravan)
* Lemon juice (you can find this at the grocery store or you can use a fresh lemon and strain it as long as you don't keep the pulp!!! it will get stuck in the henna bottle or cone )
* Essential oils (these make the tattoos darker and also make the paste smell a lot better!!)
* Ice cube trays
* Cooking spray
* Don't forget to have a freezer. lol
* A Hand-held electric mixer (Optional for mixing paste.. i would recommend using one though!!)

Step 1: Add Oil and Lemon Juice!

Put the henna into the bowl and add the oil. Mix in about a table spoon of lemon juice. Mix with the fork!!! Add a little more lemon juice until the texture of the henna paste is like cottage cheese. If you are oober awesome at mixing stuff with forks, go ahead and mix it like crazy. If you aren't....go ahead and get the hand-held electric mixer ready. Mix the paste until its silky looking and about the thickness of yogurt. Make sure there are no lumps at all. It is not fun when a clump of henna gets stuck in the bottle or cone.

Step 2: Time for the Ice Tray!

Finally, your done mixing! When you are done using tools, like fork and mixer things, make sure you wash them right away. The henna will stain your counter!

Spray an ice tray with cooking oil spray! it makes getting the henna out of the tray a lot easier.
Take a knife or a cake icing spreader thing and scoop enough pase out into each ice cube hole.
Put it in the freezer overnight about 12 hours.

Step 3:

Take the henna cubes or (poop cubes as my dad calls them.. hahaha) out of the tray using a butter knife. Be careful, butter knifes are dangerous!  Take the cubes and try to get them into a ziploc bag.. you will end up with henna on your hands just rinse it off, you can use gloves if you have them! Then put the bag of henna cubes back into the freezer. Finally you have just enough henna for each bottle or cone. When you need the henna, take a cube out of the freezer and put it in a bowl. let it sit for a few hours or until it is fully thawed. Put it in the henna bottle or cone and your ready to make some art!
Have fun!!

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    6 years ago

    Seems easy and thanks

    Meagan Meg
    Meagan Meg

    7 years ago

    You can find every henna product, answers to every question, every mehndi and henna information, practice sheet and tattoos for free only at


    7 years ago on Introduction

    umm,,, whats essential oil is that? is it ok not using essential oil?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    yay just getting into the whole henna thing, where would you recommend i get henna online?? i heard about this ingredient in some henna that is bad, (black henna or something) what's that all about?? sorry so many you just seem like the expert.=]


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    hi there,
    you can get the henna related stuff in here,

    and about black henna,it is not pure henna,it contains a chemical called ppd, and it reacts with the skin, check the link below for more details, :)