Introduction: How to Surface Mount Solder Using Solder Paste

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Quick tutorial showing how to solder a Attiny85 package type SOIC-8 using a hot air tool and solder paste.

SOIC is just one of the many types of standarized packages that integrated circuits such as the Attiny85 can come in. The package type just indicates the components will look different and have the chip's legs accessible in different styles.

This is a free hand soldering paste technique using a Hot Air Soldering Rework Station but you are more than welcome to make a stencil from OSH Stencils!

Questions, Concerns , Compliments, Feedback all welcomed:


Step 1: What You Will Need

1. SMD291SNL ‑ Chip Quik Solder Paste (recommended to use because it comes w/ a fine tip syringe)

2. PCB board (I'll be using Adafruit's SOIC-8 breakout board)

3. Components being soldered (I'm using the ATtiny85)

4. Fine tip tweezers

5. Hot Air Soldering Rework Station/ Or a skillet,oven you feel comfortable using for SMD work

Step 2: Find Something to Hold Down the PCB

I'll be using my favorite vise the PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center.

However , use whatever works best for you (small vise, tape, wood,clamp etc)

Step 3: Dispense Solder Paste Onto the Copper Traces

Squirt a line that spreads over the golden pads (copper pads)

Don't worry about getting the solder paste on the blue part of the PCB (solder mask)

Once the board is heated the solder mask will repel the solder paste to shrink & harden onto the copper pads

Step 4: Apply Heat to the Board

I used a the Hot Air Soldering Rework Station - Quick 957D under low air control at about 370°C

Alternatives include kitchen : skillets and small ovens just use with caution and continuous monitoring

The solder paste go through transitions from liquid-->dusty-->shrinking till it finally hardens

Step 5: Finished!

Here is the finished Attiny85 SOIC 8 pin package type soldered into the breakout board

-Happy soldering!