How to Survive in South Africa

Introduction: How to Survive in South Africa

Africa is one of the most deadly places in world. In order to survive you should follow the advice of Joshua Taft. There are lions, tigers and maybe even bears. Josh will show you how to make


2. Get water out of thin air

3. How to safely stand next to a cliff

4. How to survive the African nights

5. Watch this video

Step 1: the Shelter

South Africa is a very warm place, so shelter is a way to protect yourself against the animals of the area. Josh(A.k.a. Macgyver rambo dude) is making a shelter out of two rocks he found on the ground.

Step 2: Water

Since Africa is a desert wasteland, water is very hard to find. Luckily Josh knows that water can come from some interesting places.

1. The dew drops off of a cactus early in the morning

2. Drinking the blood of a lion you just killed

3. Bringing a water bottle

Step 3: How to Stand Next to a Cliff

While in Africa Josh's camera crew fell off a cliff .. ( it was all their fault) Josh had nothing to do with it, but if he josh was in the situation he probably would of survived.

If you are standing next to a cliff

1.make sure you don't stand next to the edge.

2. Also make sure that you don't have really heavy camera equipment

poor josh had to film this scene all by himself.

Step 4: Surviving the Night

When your camera crew is dead and your car is out of gas African nights can be very deadly. luckily josh found some plants that had a natural glowing effect to them to fend of the lions of the night.

"Josh is so attractive"- Every human beeing

Step 5: Watch This Video : FOR YOUR SURVIVAL

in order to survive the dangers of south Africa IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO

Step 6:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This instructable may have just saved my life, thank you