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Introduction: How to Swap Co2 Laser CNC Controller

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In this instructable I demonstrate the process by removing a TopWisdom TL-410C controller from a Red/Black 80W Laser with a Ruida RDC-6445G controller.

However this process can be used for other controller brands such as Trocen, Leetro, Ruida, etc.

This is the process I went through to make the changeover as smooth as possible. Info how I did this change over can be found below with links to sections of the video by clicking on the time stamps.

Before starting inspect the current configuration and take photos of the controller you are removing to refer to later if things don't go as planned.

I purchased my Ruida RDC-6445G Controller from Cloudray at AliExpress

Step 1: Inspect, Label & Remove Old Controller

Print out the wiring diagrams for both the TopWidsom and Ruida Controller, to compare wiring configurations. I numbered the connections on both diagrams to make sure the wiring changeover went smoothly (See 2:05)

Using a copy of the Wiring Diagram Cut out connection labels and attach them to the wires before removing the controller to avoid any confusion when making the change over

I have included the TL-410C User Manual to Download - The RuiDa contol panel manual is quite a large download so I have included the link to it here (you will also find manuals to other controllers using this link eg Trocen, Ruida, BJJCZ, Leetro)

Step 2: Install the RuiDa Controller

After removing the old controller, commence the installation of the Ruida controller (See 3:00)

Match up the newly labelled cables with the new controller, some wires and plugs may need to reconfigured, so it is a good thing to have labelled the wires in the previous step.

Step 3: Replace Old Control Panel With the New

Replace the Control Panel and replace with the new one, You may need to make the insert cutout larger, or make a new mounting panel like I did.

I have provided DXF file of the Acrylic Panel for you to cut out for yourself. I used SCIGRIP to Weld the Acrylic panel together.

I used 3mm Black Acrylic Sheet Approximate Size 600x300mm

Step 4: Check Connections and Then Power On

Once all connections were checked and checked again it’s time to turn on the power (See 3:50)

Step 5: Change Display Language (Specific for RuiDa 6445 Controller)

The initial display language is in Chinese so here I show how to change it to English (See 4:15)

To change to English, Press Menu, Press down arrow 3 times, press enter, press enter again on the 1st option, them press down arrow twice and press enter. This should now be in English.

Step 6: Configure Your New Controller

NOTE: The controller needs to be configured to your machine's requirements, note the information displayed is for my particular machine, if you have a machine like this the settings may be the same but due to manufacturing differences there may be other settings that are required to suit your particular setup.

At (5:08) I show the 'Manufactory' settings I was able to use on my machine, (To see explanation See The Video Instructions if you are using the RuiDa 6445 Controller) I show settings here that you can pause and review if you need to, see NOTE above. The password for the settings on this controller is RD8888

I hope you found these instructions helpful.

Cheers Matt

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    2 years ago

    HELLO ALL I AM TRYING TO UPGRADE FROM THE 5G HE INSTALLED to a ruida co2 laser controller rdc6344g 7" touch panel and the controllers they are way differnt if some one wood be able help me i wood thank you very much for any help and even just a wireing dirgram from the 5g to the 4g i am upgrading to the blue controller 4g the one i am trying to upgrade to thank you Smart Laser and God Bless i am not here alot but my Email is


    2 years ago

    Can you please send a picture of the wiring on the inside of the machine from the e stop switch to the 24v power supply and the on/off switch?


    Question 3 years ago on Step 6

    can you send a picture of your installed new controller.
    I installed mine and tripled checked the wiring, and the head moves to the left and
    bangs against the side. I'm getting a 5V red light on.
    I rechecked and everything looks good.
    Thanks for any help you can give.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, The head hitting the side is due to the system settings being default and incorrect. You can prevent the head hitting the sides before hand by pressing esc or stop on the controller when it is powering on or resetting. You need to start by entering the controller settings, and set the cutting area size of your laser machine and also setting the home / machine origin.
    you will also need to set the speeds and step settings. What is the cut area size of your laser machine?
    Also If you require assistance you can email me
    Cheers Matthew


    3 years ago

    Nice basic walkthrough! Thanks for sharing :)