Introduction: How to Swing a Golf Club

The Golf Swing can be a complicated thing. So here are easy steps on how to swing a Golf club. 

Step 1: Grip

Find a comfortable grip the club, generally you interlock your index finger of one hand and pinky finger of the other hand, but it is more important you are comfortable.

Step 2: Stance

Stand with knees slightly bent and bend at the hips as if you are leaning toward the golf ball.

                a. Be careful not to bend your knees or hips too much it may cause injury.

Step 3: Begining

Your arms should be extended and straight, this is very important as you begin your swing.

Step 4: Back Swing Part 1

Begin pulling the club backward keeping arms and wrists straight.

Step 5: Back Swing Part 2

Once the club is parallel with the ground you begin to rotate your wrist and continue to bring the club upward until your shoulder come under your chin.

Step 6: Top of Swing

Now you are going to be changing direction and coming down with the club.

Step 7: Down Swing

As you lower your arms, your club will become parallel with the ground in this moment, you need to rotate your wrists.

Step 8: Making Contact

Your wrists should be straight once you have returned to the starting position and making contact with the ball.

Step 9: Follow Through

As you follow through the ball, the club will begin to rise just like the back swing.

Step 10: Follow Through Part 2

Once your club is parallel to the ground continue the rotation of your wrists.

Step 11: Body Rotation

Follow the momentum of your swing as you shoulder is under your chin you begin to look where the ball is headed.

Step 12: Finish

Begin rotating your hips and knees bringing your back foot on to your toes.

a. Remember that your head needs to stay where it started through the whole swing.