Introduction: How to Switch the GPS to Different Equipment

The process is to take the GPS off the
cab of the combine, put it on the tractor cab, unhook the display from the combine, and put it in the tractor. There will not be any need of tools to complete this process and be careful climbing around on equipment because it is kind of dangerous.

Step 1: Take the GPS Off of the Combine

Locate the yellow globe on the front of the cab on
the combine. Disconnect the wire from the combine that is hooked up to the GPS globe by pulling down and pushing in on the sides of the connector. DO NOT pull on the wire. Pull down on the black latch on the bottom of the globe and turn it once or twice and pull the latch off the brace the globe is connected to. After that is unlatched, lift up on the globe and it should come right off the bracket. Do not drop the globe because they are very expensive.

Step 2: Disconnect the Display From the Combine

Go into the cab of the combine and locate the display. The
display looks like a small TV and behind the display there is a chord that will need to be disconnected from the cab. To disconnect the chord, loosen the connector by turning it. DO NOT pull on the wire. After the wire is disconnected, lift up on the display and turn it counter-clockwise and pull it and it should come off of the display bracket. Do not drop the display because they are very expensive.

Step 3: Hook Up the GPS to the Tractor

Go to the tractor that the GPS and display is getting hooked
up to. This step is just like step 1, but it is reversed because we will be putting the GPS on instead of taking it off. First thing to do is set the GPS globe into the bracket and then let it rest its weight on the bracket. Hook the latch from the globe onto the bracket, and then connect the wire under the roof of the cab.

Step 4: Connect the Display to the Tractor

Go into the cab of the tractor and hook up the display. This
step is just like step 2, but it is also reversed because we will be hooking up the display instead of disconnecting it. First, put the display onto the bracket at an angle at about 45 degrees so that the left side of the display is lower than the right and then turn it clockwise and it should slide in and drop down into the bracket. After the display is connected to the bracket connect the wire into the post in the corner of the tractor.

Step 5: Make Sure Display and GPS Are Connected Correctly

Turn the key of the tractor on and if the display lights up
the steps have been successfully completed!