Introduction: How to Sync Google Calendars With IPhone

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Everyone has a Calendar App on their iPhone or iPad, and some people may only use it for viewing date, while others take advantage of the app to record their agenda. In fact, iPhone calendars can be very helpful for the people who want to keep their life organized. But many people may have started using Google Calendar long before using iPhone, so they may want to move the events from Google Calendar to iPhone and iPad. New iPhone users may have no idea on how to sync Google calendar events with iPhone, so the following instruction shows how to do it.

Step 1: Tap Settings on Your IPhone

Tap Settings on your iPhone, and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Please note that you should get your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi or cellular connection before syncing Google calendars with iPhone.

Step 2: Add Account

In Mail, Contacts, Calendars interface, the Add Account option is just at the top. Tap Add Account. If you have enabled calendars when using iCloud, the iCloud account will be displayed, but you can still add other accounts.

Step 3: Add Google Account

After tapping Add Account, you will see several email icons. Tap Google and add the Google account you use. Please note that if you have enabled two-step verification on Google, you may need that after entering your Google account.

Step 4: Turn on Calendars and Save

After verifying your Google account, you’ll have several options. Tap Calendars to ON and tap Save at the upper right corner. After that, go to your iPhone Calendar app, and Google calendars will start syncing with iPhone Calendar app.

With these simple steps, Google calendar users are able to get their events from Google to iPhone.