Introduction: How to Take Care If a Herding/fighting Dog

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Sophie is a big dog who has many breeds in her here's how to take care of a dog like her

Step 1: This Is Sophie

Sophie is a blue heeler border collie Akita mix
Sophie likes to run away whenever she can so we keep her on a long leash in our front yard
But Sophie is an Akita which is an ex fighting dog so she can get into fights easily with other dogs but she is sweethearted with kids and family

Step 2: Sophie

Being a fighting dog and a herding dog is a bad mixture but we love her anyways
So we keep her safe as much as we can

Step 3: If Your Dog Ever Gets Into a Fight With Another Dog While

Your walking always let go of the leash and do not cry or yell it makes them feel pressured to fight even more to protect you
If the other animal runs away make sure your dog does not chase it Sophie is a running dog so she could chase it for miles of she wants to

Step 4: Sophie Gets Fat Easily

So we must excercise her a lot to keep her healthy

Step 5: Be Careful

While handling a fighting dog if it does not like water while giving it a bath it May be aggressive