Introduction: How to Take Care of Your Cat

Are you bad at taking care of your cat? Well, in this tutorial I will be showing you how to take care of your cat. This is the right thing for you and your cat!


A cat

Kitty litter

A litter box

Cat food

2 Cat bowls


A bed

If you have all and I mean ALL of the materials, then you are good to go!

Step 1: Step #1

Take your cat into your room and take two bowls. Put some cat food in one of the bowls, then you take the other cat bowl and add water. Now, he or she has food and water, 1 cup of food and water as needed.

Step 2: Step #2

Fill the litter box with the kitty litter because you do not want your kitty/cat doing business on your floor. Make sure you clean it once a day. Place the litter box in a place your cat will notice, but that isn't too close to you. Kitty litter smells!

Step 3: Step #3

You will need a bed that is a bit taller than you are for your cat because cats like to take up a lot of room on your bed! Cats love climbing, so the taller it is, the more climbing they can do. If the cat starts to scratch you in the night, then you will have to kick him or her out of your room.

(PS don’t let your cat eat a banana)