Introduction: How to Take Screenshot at Regular Intervals

There are times when we need to take multiple screenshots every n seconds. For example, we need to capture several frames of a movie, but they are really close to each other and it is very tricky to accomplish that task manually. In this case, this post will tell you how to automatically take screenshot at regular intervals.

Step 1: Download a Program That Contains a Screenshot Scheduler Function

First of all, you need to download a program that has a screenshot scheduler function. We can take Screen Capture Pro for example. Download its desktop version.

Step 2: Install It on Your PC

After you’ve installed it on your PC, open it. You will see “Task scheduler” on the right side of its interface. Click this option to make a screenshot schedule.

Step 3: Create a Screenshot Schedule

1. Fill in the information of your task.

a. Give a name to the task.

b. Set the specific Start time, and customize the Interval (If you input 00:00:05, then you mean to take screenshot every five seconds).

c. You can stop taking screenshot by setting it to stop after specified times, stop at specified time and top it manually.

d. Set a screenshot region.

e. Customize the directory to save the screenshots.

2. Then, click “Create” to validate that screenshot schedule.

3. At last, click “OK” to confirm it.

Step 4: Show What You Want to Screenshot on the Screen

After all the settings, the program will take screenshot automatically at regular intervals according to the schedule you created. The screenshot will be saved to the folder you've specified in the settings.